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This Creamy TOM FORD Shadow Quad Was Made for You

TOM FORD is taking what you know about eye shadow quads and enhancing texture, pay-off, and length of wear. Eye Color Quad Crème carries velvety shadows that contour eyes with colorful luster while delivering magnetic intensity.

Made with unique pigment technology that combines lush emollients, the shadows highlight eyes with buildable matte and shimmer hues. Available in three shade waves, the new quads provide a second-skin finish with long-lasting results.

Answer the quiz questions below and we’ll match you with the Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Crème that best fits your personality.

Movie time! What are you watching?

A. 90s rom-coms have my heart. Deciding between She’s All That and Clueless.
B. Leaning toward something involving action and adventure. A Marvel movie, anyone?
C. Can we please watch a classic? I’m thinking Casablanca.

Which travel destination do you prefer?

A. Switzerland in December, I need pictures of the snow-capped mountains and fairytale towns.
B. Madhya Pradesh in India, I want to explore the heart of tiger country.
C. Summer in Paris, it’s my dream to see the Eiffel Tower at night.

It’s Friday night, what’s the plan?

A. Face masks and a glass of wine for the win!
B. What plan? Let’s see where the night takes us.
C. Can’t go wrong with dinner and a drive-in movie.

Which cocktail are you sipping during Sunday brunch?

A. May I see your list of mocktails?
B. 2 spicy margs, please.
C. Is it really brunch if there aren’t bottomless mimosas?

Choose a Tom Ford lipstick to add to your collection:

A. L’Eclisse
B. La Notte
C. Nubile


Tally up your answers and find the Tom Ford quad that best fits your personality.

Mostly A’s:

Rose Topaz

You’ll definitely appreciate this flirty lineup of ethereal, frosty neutrals with a pop of rosy color. These soft, buildable matte and shimmer shades seamlessly transition from day to night. Your star quality is sure to turn heads!

Mostly B’s:

Tiger Eye

Bold and fiery, this sun-sparked range of gilded hues will ignite your free-spirited side. Add a burst of magnetic intensity to your lids with matte and shimmer shades in warm champagne, burnt coral, caramel, and sienna.

Mostly C’s:

Smoky Quartz

You gravitate towards all things classic, so this timeless quad is sure to be a staple in your shadow collection. Create an abundance of chic looks featuring rich, matte nudes and browns.

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