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Why Acacia collagen is an Essential Component for Hair Care?

If you’re looking for a hair care line that can keep your tresses healthy and bouncy, consider Phyto products. This brand uses plant extracts to moisturize and condition hair. Its creator, celebrity hairdresser Patrick Ales, recognized the need for more gentle products and researched the nourishing power of plants. In 1969, he opened his own salon and serviced A-list clients.

Phytodensia Plumping Shampoo

Phytodensia Plumping shampoo is a shampoo that is designed to make your hair look and feel plumper. It contains grape polyphenols, acacia collagen, and Vernonia. The acacia collagen coats the cuticle of the hair. Acacia collagen is an essential component of healthy hair.

Phytodensia Plumping shampoo hair care has many benefits for thinning, fine, and dull hair. Its natural ingredients stimulate scalp function, plump hair shafts, and seals hair cuticles. It also contains hyaluronic acid, which is a key ingredient in keeping hair healthy.

PHYTODENSIA acts on both the fiber and scalp, restoring voluminous hair care to the hair follicles. It works to prevent the signs of aging on the scalp. This product will give you the luscious hair of your youth.

Phytokeratine Extreme

Phytokeratine Extreme shampoo is a revolutionary hair care product that restores the luster and elasticity of strands that are damaged or brittle. This formula combines botanical keratin with nourishing ingredients to provide deep nourishment and intense repair. It has a fruity and floral scent. Its nourishing power is infused into every strand, providing long-lasting hydration. Afterward, hair will be frizz-free, silky, and soft.

Another notable ingredient in the Phytokeratine Extreme line is sapodilla butter, which is 2x more concentrated in omega-6 than shea butter and penetrates deeply into the hair fiber. Other ingredients include Baobab oil, a rare extract of a mythical tree, which has antioxidant properties. Peony extract is also an active ingredient in this product, providing a toner for fragile hair. The tuber of jicama extract is also an important ingredient that has anti-frizz properties.

Phytonovathrix Global Anti-Hair Loss Treatment

Using 99% natural ingredients, Phyto Novathrix Global Anti-Hair Loss Treatment helps to minimize hair care thinning and loss. It promotes resilience and fortifies roots, preventing the loss of strands. It also reduces the risk of snapping.

This product is effective for treating hair loss in both men and women. Its formula, a blend of 99% natural ingredients, works by targeting 16 biological factors. It is suitable for both men and women, especially for those who suffer from chronic or fine hair loss. It contains an extract from celery seeds, which targets 16 different biological factors linked to hair loss.

Phytonovathrix Global Anti-Hair Loss Treatment is an innovative formula that fights hair loss by stimulating the growth of new hair. It contains 16 scientifically proven ingredients that promote hair care growth and stop hair loss. It also strengthens existing hair and improves the anchoring of the hair follicle to the hair bulb. It also improves the condition of your scalp by massaging it with natural active ingredients.

Phytospecific Rich Hydrating Mask

Phyto Specific Rich Hydrating Mask is a hair mask that is able to deeply nourish the fiber of your hair. Its hydrating formula is made of botanical ingredients to restore moisture and shine to dry and brittle hair. It contains antioxidants, white clover honey, shea butter, and mallow extract, all of which have exceptional moisturizing properties. The mask acts on your hair care for up to 15 minutes, providing your hair with the hydration it needs.

The Phytospecific Rich Hydrating Mask can be applied to towel-dried or damp hair. Once applied, you should comb through your hair care and leave it on for about fifteen minutes or longer depending on your hair type and porosity. Then rinse thoroughly to remove any excess mask.

Photo color for brown hair

High technology and the properties of plants combine to produce striking ultra-bright colors. These colorants are ammonia-free and deliver striking natural color with light reflections. This product is the first permanent coloring range to use plant pigments and respects the scalp and hair. It offers natural-looking, lasting results without a harsh chemical after-care regimen.

PHYTOCOLOR contains a unique blend of botanical pigments, derived from five different plants. These pigments are selected for their superior pigmenting properties, and together reach up to 74% of the pigment base. These natural pigments give the hair care color richness and nuance. The dye also contains two botanical oils, which add shine and hold.

Phytocolor permanent hair care color is ammonia-free and enriched with natural vegetable pigments. Its high concentration of natural pigments ensures a long-lasting, brilliant color that is gentle on the scalp. It also contains Monoi, jojoba, and opaline oil, which are natural oils that coat the fiber, ensuring that the color stays true and lasts for many years.

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