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Burberry Her Perfume Review Long Lasting

Burberry Her is a classic and sophisticated scent. It is a fruity floral gourmand. It will be released in 2020. Burberry Her Perfume notes are based on the traditional accords that define femininity. It is a great choice for evening wear or daytime wear. It is available in both spray and lotion form.

Cloud by Ariana Grande

Cloud by Ariana Grande is a Floral Fruity Gourmand Burberry Her Perfume that was launched in 2018. This scent was nosed by Clement Gavarry and has top notes of Lavender, Whipped cream, Praline, and Coconut. The fragrance is light and wearable.

The scent is fresh and fruity, which is perfect for a modern woman. The middle notes are made up of rose petals and green apples. Its dry down is similar to the Cloud fragrance, but it does not have the same spicy base notes. Ultimately, however, both fragrances are a great choice for everyday wear.

Cloud by Ariana Grande is a dupe of Burberry Her

If you’re looking for a cheap but equally stylish dupe of Burberry Her, try Cloud by Ariana Grande. This sweet scent is similar to Burberry Her, with notes of candied sweetness and freshly spun cotton candy. It also has light hints of lavender, but those are very subtle. It’s the perfect scent for daytime lunch dates and evening events alike.

Both Cloud and Burberry Her are very wearable scents, and they blend well with most skin types. As both scents feature sweet gourmand notes, they are likely to blend well with your body chemistry. Warm vanilla and caramel will also be present throughout the dry-down.

Cloud is not quite as sweet as Cloud, but it’s close to the scent. Burberry Her’s opening note is more citrusy than Cloud’s, which makes it more fruity than Cloud’s. Similarly, the middle note is a gorgeous citrus.

Another similar scent is Baccarat Rouge 540. This fragrance is a popular choice among Burberry Her Perfume enthusiasts. It’s a sweet, blood-orange scent with notes of saffron, pear, and lavender. It is one of the most popular scents of recent years, and other brands have been attempting to replicate it. While Cloud isn’t exactly a replica of BR 540, it’s still worth trying if you’re a fan of Grande’s music.

Burberry Her is a fruity floral gourmand

Burberry Her Perfume is a fruity floral perfume for women, launched in 2018. Inspired by the vibrant, youthful spirit of London, Burberry Her embodies the brand’s London DNA. Burberry Her Perfume combines crushed berry fruit with floral middle notes such as violet and jasmine. The base of wood and amber completes the scent.

Burberry Her opens with berries and light musks, but it doesn’t smell like the old-school fruity floral or gourmand. The fruity musk note is slightly muted by the warmth of benzoin, which elevates the jasmine and red fruits. This cheeky scent is reminiscent of a berry-filled fruit salad.

Burberry Her Eau de Parfum is available in 3.3 oz. bottles and a 0.25-oz. rollerball. This fruity floral gourmand Burberry Her Perfume is perfect for spring and summer and is a great choice for women who love a floral scent. It captures the spirit of London and has a sophisticated feel. Its design is reminiscent of the iconic Burberry fragrance design.

Burberry Her is the first pillar fragrance since the brand’s license changed. The new line aims to capture the vibrant energy of London and is aimed primarily at the younger generation. It also aims to capture the lucrative Asian market. Burberry Her’s packaging recalls the Burberry for Men scent from 1981 and features a pinkish-blue bottle topped with an image of Cara Delevingne doing the tourist route around London.

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