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Loreal Hair Color

Loreal Hair Color – Achieve a Beautiful and Bold Look

Loreal Hair Color, the leader in hair coloration for more than a century, is reinventing the way consumers dye their hair at home. The company is launching two new technologies that tackle age-old consumer challenges with technology.

L’Oreal is introducing Colorsonic, a lightweight device that mixes and applies color evenly to deliver consistent at-home results. And in 2023, it’s launching Copyright, an AR-connected system for salon stylists that creates on-demand, customized hair colors.

1. Excellence Bleach Supreme

If you are looking for a Loreal Hair Color that will help you achieve a beautiful and bold new look, then Excellence Bleach Supreme is a perfect choice. It is designed to give you a gorgeous ash-blonde color while also protecting your hair.

The product is a combination of three separate products: an after-color shampoo, a coloring cream, and a mask. The after-color shampoo is formulated to remove any leftover dye from your hair, while the coloring cream and the mask will help your strands get a beautiful, radiant color.

Featuring an exclusive triple protection system, it deeply cares for your hair while giving it the coverage it needs to fight stubborn grays. The creme is infused with Pro-Keratine to protect as its colors and the after-color shampoo delicately cleanse the scalp and hair.

It is a hair dye that will make your color stand out even more with salon-quality lifts.  A very effective hair color that can be used on all types of colored hair. It is available in a variety of shades, including blonde and brown. It is also easy to use and comes in a convenient travel size.

2. Excellence Ash Supreme

Achieve the coveted hair color of your dreams with this Loreal Hair Color Excellence Ash Supreme. It’s the first of its kind to boast the latest in anti-brass technology and features a patented purple pigment that definably boosts your ash-colored locks for longer than most other hair dyes on the market.

You’ll also get premium hair color performance with the powerful hi-shine complex infused with the hair color of your dreams. Whether it’s for your next big night out or a week at the office, you’ll look and feel your best in no time with this hair color.

The aforementioned product was voted the number one bestselling hair color by consumers in the Philippines. This new top-selling Loreal Hair Color brand is a great way to achieve your hair color dreams without breaking the bank. It’s a complete hair coloring system that comes with everything you need to give your tresses a makeover.

3. Excellence Blonde

Choosing the right blonde shade for your hair can be intimidating, especially when you’re looking at all of the colors available on drugstore shelves. You want to find the perfect tone that flatters your skin tone and looks natural, but you also don’t want to go overboard or get a harsh result.

That’s where Loreal Hair Color Excellence Blonde comes in, a hair color that is ideal for women of all complexions who are looking to make a change but not commit to a full-dye job.

L’Oreal Excellence Blonde is a permanent hair color that is formulated with an exclusive triple protection system. That deeply cares for your hair even as it colors. Its Pro-Keratine complex protects as it colors. While the salon-inspired color shampoo delicately cleanses your hair and scalp to smooth it and reveal a rich, radiant color.

You can purchase this at-home hair color kit in a variety of shades. Including Ash Blonde, Golden Blonde, and Neutral Blonde. You can also try an at-home gloss. That will either cool or warm up your blonde to get the effect you’re after.

4. Excellence Brown

L’Oreal Excellence Brown is a permanent hair color that provides rich, radiant, and impeccable results from root to tip. It contains an exclusive triple protection system that protects and cares for your hair before, during, and after coloring.

Its creme is formulated with a Pro-Keratine complex that protects as it colors and ensures long-lasting radiance. It also contains a salon-inspired after-color shampoo that gently cleanses and restores your hair’s health. This color kit comes in a variety of shades ranging from Ash Blonde to Chocolate Brown to Jet Black.

Loreal Hair Color Excellence is a great option for those. Who wants to achieve a permanent look at home, but wants to avoid ammonia? Casting creme gloss is an alternative, but it is not as effective at protecting your hair and covering grays.

It is available in a range of unconventional shades that appeal to younger women. Also compares very well with other at-home hair colors. It is also cheaper than its competition and lasts longer. To get the best possible result, you must use it regularly and take good care of your hair.

5. Excellence Golden Blonde

Golden blonde is one of the most flattering hair colors for all skin tones. So it’s a great choice for any woman looking to experiment with a new color. It’s a multi-tonal hue that includes notes of honey, gold, and buttery tones for a bright, shiny glow.

However, it’s important to remember that darker tresses need extra care to maintain their shine. Using a deep conditioning treatment or color-safe shampoo and conditioner is the perfect way to preserve your sun-kissed strands. And prevent brassiness from setting in between touch-ups.

If you’re not ready to commit to a whole head of golden blonde. Consider going lighter with ultra-subtle highlights in your natural base. Ask your stylist to paint on a few warm, amber highlights or a gilded root smudge. Which will give you tons of dimension without completely shifting your base color.

For the ultimate at-home hair color, look no further than Loreal Hair Color Excellence hair dye. It has an exclusive triple protection system that deeply cares for your hair, and it also covers stubborn grays. It’s formulated with Pro-Keratine complex, which protects as it colors to leave your locks strong and healthy.

6. Excellence Reddish Blonde

Using a professional-grade hair color will not only make you look your best. But it can also leave your locks looking and feeling healthier for longer. A good hair dye will not only give you a more manageable look. But it can also improve the condition of your hair by up to 80%.

A good hair color will also help you avoid the hassles of frequent trips to the salon. Fortunately, OTC Superstore is here to help you save time and money. Browse our inventory of top-quality hair care products for all your color and shine needs.

We guarantee the highest level of satisfaction and have a friendly customer service staff to help with your inquiries. You can also count on fast and free shipping when you shop with OTC Superstore.

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7. Excellence Honey Brown

Honey brown hair color is a great way to add warmth and shine to your tresses. It comes in several shades, and you can choose one that is flattering to your skin tone.

You can also try a dark honey-brown hair color for a more dramatic look. That is still flattering on darker complexions. This shade can be paired with highlights to make the strands pop more than they otherwise would.

Loreal Hair Color Excellence hair color has a triple protection system. That cares for your hair before, during, and after you dye it. It protects and seals the hair strands for better condition while strengthening them to prevent the loss of keratin.

The package comes with a protective serum, an extra protective creme colorant and developer, and a revitalizing after-color conditioner. The application is easy, clean, and effortless.

This Loreal Hair Color is ammonia free and it leaves your hair soft and conditioned. It also damages your hair way less than Casting creme.

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