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Get More Attraction With Burberry Her Perfume

Designed to capture the free-spirited spirit of London, Burberry her is the latest addition to the brand’s scent family. It’s an artful blend of berries elevated by spirited jasmine and violet, smoothed out with amber and musk.

The fragrance was developed by master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, who sought to create a “true gourmand” with an airiness that isn’t cloying or sticky. It opens with a dense burst of red and dark berries, then deepens into floral notes of jasmine and violet.

Fragrance Notes

The new Burberry Her Perfume scent for women is a blend of berries, flowers, and musk. The scent opens with a fusion of pear, strawberry, and black currant before settling into delicate jasmine and violet.

It is a youthful scent that is designed to capture the spirit of London. It is created for the modern woman who identifies as a Londoner at heart.

The fragrance was designed by Francis Kurkdjian and released in 2018. It includes a mixture of crushed berry fruit top notes with middle notes of violet and jasmine, based on wood and amber. The face of the perfume is model Cara Delavigne who represents her hometown.

It is a very feminine fragrance that can be worn by both men and women. The fragrance has a soft floral aroma that is slightly powdery and smooth.

I really like the smell of this perfume. I find it to be a little fresh and light than many of the other fruity fragrances that are out there. It is a perfect scent for summer and will keep you smelling nice throughout the day.

Floral scent

This is a very floral scent with a soft, creamy finish that is great for spring and summer. The scent is also very affordable.

The fragrance is available in a 3.3 oz Eau de Parfum and a 1.6 oz body lotion. It is a very good value and can last you for a long time if used regularly.

It is a floral and citrus fragrance that is a little lighter than some of the other fruity scents out there. Great scent to wear during the day and nighttime. It is also very affordable and can be found at a lot of different retailers.

While there are a few other scents that have a similar style to Burberry Her Intense, I think this is a better fragrance overall. I have been enjoying this scent for a while now and hope to keep wearing it for a long time.

The scent has a luminous, white woody accord that makes it a very unique and beautiful fragrance. It is a very sophisticated fragrance that has been created by a famous perfumer. It is a very popular scent that can be found at a lot of different stores and online.

Top Notes

Burberry Her is a perfume designed to capture the youthful spirit of London, a creative and eclectic metropolis. It aims to evoke the youth, bustle, and energy that is a hallmark of the city for women who feel a strong connection to London. It was launched in October 2018 and is the first fragrance to come with a new logo.

The scent is a floral-fruity gourmand composed by Francis Kurkdjian and features top notes of strawberries, raspberry, black currant, and sour cherry combined with middle notes of jasmine and violet based on woods and amber. It is a bold and daring scent for the free-spirited woman in control of her destiny.

It opens with fruity and sweet aromas that are more reminiscent of the fruity aspects in the Burberry her perfume, while also featuring a little bit of citrus and a bergamot blend. This is followed by a softer floral aspect, which is mainly rose early on and then hints of ambroxan and moss. The floral aspect shifts towards being more like the jasmine of the Burberry her perfume as it dries down.


Different scent

Unlike many other fragrances that can be compared to Burberry her, this one is not a clone. It is a very different scent and you should definitely try it out to see if it works for you.

This is a very good floral fruity scent and it can last all day, but I’d recommend using it sparingly. It can easily become overpowering in a short period of time if you’re not careful.

I would also recommend using it on dry skin, so if you have sensitive skin this might not be the best option for you. This is especially true if you’re looking for a perfume that will last all day.

Another option that is similar to Burberry her, but has a different style, is the Kate Spade New York perfume. It is a very light and soft fragrance with just the right amount of fruitiness and floral touches. The raspberry and citrus aspect is a little less intense than the other two mentioned above, and the musk aspect in this perfume is much more soft and gentle.

Middle Notes

Burberry her is a new floral fruity gourmand fragrance for women launched by the fashion house in 2018. It features top notes of strawberry, raspberry, sour cherry, black currant, and mandarin orange with middle notes of violet and jasmine based on wood and amber. Base notes include musk, vanilla, cashmere, oakmoss, and amber.

The perfume also makes a splash with a unique bottle design that pays homage to the brand’s first pillar fragrance, Burberry her for men, launched in 1981. It features a pale pink juice with gold accents and is topped by a gilded cap.

The scent has a lot of buzz for its impressive list of ingredients. The best part is that it smells fantastic on the skin. Despite being touted as a fruity floral scent it’s not too sweet and it wears on your skin like a dream. It does make you feel a little bit sexy for the rest of the day, but it’s not overpowering in any way. The most important thing to remember is that you have to spray it generously to get the full effect. The bottle comes in 30, 50, and 100 ml sizes. It is available at Burberry boutiques and online retailers.

Base Notes

Burberry her is a fruity fragrance that contains top notes of Mandarin orange, and pink pepper, and middle notes of plum blossom and peony. It also has base notes of musk and sandalwood. This is the perfect perfume for women who want a sweet and floral scent that will make them feel fresh and happy throughout the day.

This perfume is a great choice for any occasion and is perfect for wearing when you need a quick pick-me-up in the morning. It is also ideal for a day out with the family, as it is lightweight and easy to carry around.

Originally created in the late 1990s, this fragrance has long been a favorite amongst its loyal fans and is still a popular option. It starts off with a creamy peach note that is quickly followed by rose and musk, creating a beautiful aroma for anyone who wears it.

Blend of vanilla

It has a very nice blend of vanilla and fruit, which is incredibly creamy and powdery. The smell isn’t too strong or overpowering. So it’s a good choice for those who are looking for something a little less intense than some of the other fruity perfumes on the market.

The main difference between this and other Burberry perfumes is that this one isn’t too sweet. So it’s ideal for those who are looking for a perfume that won’t overwhelm them. It’s a very gentle and pleasant smell. That will make you feel like you are walking through a lush garden on a rainy day in London.

In addition to being a great floral scent. This Burberry perfume is also very long-lasting and will leave you feeling refreshed all day. It is a very simple and light perfume that can be worn by both men and women. Making it the perfect cologne for anyone who wants to smell delicious without overpowering others.

This is a fresh and spicy scent that is sure to keep you feeling refreshed all day. The scent has a great blend of mint and herbal notes, which makes it very unique and interesting. It will be a great choice for someone who is looking for an all-day cologne. That they can wear them during the spring and summer.

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