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Marc Jacobs Perfume Fragrances

Marc Jacobs Perfume Fresh Floral Fragrances

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Daisy is a fresh floral fragrance for women, released in 2011. It aims to transport you to a field of flowers where the scent of daisies abounds. The fragrance is made with a combination of floral notes and fruity sweetness. It features top notes of grapefruit, green notes, and raspberry.

Marc Jacob’s Perfume was created to complement a woman with an adventurous nature and a sophisticated sense of style. Its scent is packaged in a daisy-flower-adorned bottle. Created by perfumer Alberto Morella, its notes are reminiscent of spring and summer. The floral heart is composed of silky gardenia petals and jasmine petals, while the base notes include musk, white woods, and vanilla. Daisy is a great choice for warm, sunny days.

marc jacobs perfume Fragrances is a fresh, floral scent that will take you to a land of purity, beauty, and optimism. Its artfully rendered bottles will fit easily into your luxury perfume collection. There are several scents in the line, including limited edition bottles and variations of the original scent. Daisy is an elegant fragrance for both work and play.


Marc Jacobs Dot is a fruity, white floral fragrance with a twist of exotic accords. It opens with dragon fruit, jasmine, and orange blossom. The fruity notes of this fragrance evoke a tropical paradise. It is an alluring scent for women who love to be surrounded by beautiful scents.

Marc Jacobs Dot is a fruity, floral fragrance that works well for both daytime and nighttime. It is similar to Marc Jacobs Honey, a popular fruity-floral scent, but is a bit more fruity. The notes are similar, with red berries and dragon fruit, as well as honeysuckle, orange blossom, and vanilla. It is available in 30, 50, and 100 ml Eau de Perfume.

Marc Jacobs Dot is a fun, fruity fragrance that is suitable for women of all ages. The scent is packaged in a polka-dot bottle and features a fruity, exotic blend of accords. The top notes are red berries, dragon fruit, orange blossom, and jasmine, while the base notes include musk, vanilla, and musk.

The Marc Jacobs Perfume is a fruity floral scent that is perfect for spring. It is a light EDP that combines red berries, honeysuckle, orange blossom, vanilla, and coconut. The uplifting scent is reminiscent of a tropical paradise and is sure to make anyone feel giddy. The bottle’s cap is oversized, with a polka-dot ball in the center.


Launched in 2020, Marc Jacobs Perfect is a fresh and spirited fragrance. It blends a mix of floral, fresh, and soothing notes that linger on the skin. The floral accords evoke rhubarb and daffodil, while sweet almond milk adds a hint of sweetness.

The top note is floral, with bursts of rhubarb and narcissus flower. The base is dry and powdery, giving it a pleasant texture. While the fragrance is not overly floral, it does have a slightly sharp and floral aroma. The middle is a blend of woody, musky, and musk.


Marc Jacobs Perfect is a modern, feminine, unconventional fragrance. Its notes are a harmonious clash of flowers, fruits, and woods. The opening note of rhubarb combines with daffodil, almond milk, and daffodil, while the base note of cedarwood rounds off the scent. Marc Jacobs Perfect is available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Perfume and a 7.5 ml travel spray.

Perfect by Marc Jacobs is a floral fragrance that celebrates self-love and being “Perfect As I Am.” The bottle is an appealing mix of modern and classic styles, with multicolored charms adorning the cap. Perfume has been inspired by Jacobs’ tattoo, which he got after his 2007 rehab stint.

Perfect is a very feminine scent that is perfect for day or night wear. It’s not overpowering, but it’s light and calming. If you’re looking for a light white floral fragrance, this might be the right choice. The almond milk note is sweet and nutty, and it tempers the other two opposing top notes.

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