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Versace Eros Review

Decadent Fragrance Versace Eros Perfume Review

The scent of Versace Eros is based on Greek mythology. It is a rich and decadent fragrance with an oriental and woody base. If you are looking for a bold, daring scent, then Versace Eros is a great choice. It is a great fragrance for all seasons.

Versace Eros is inspired by Greek mythology

Versace eros has created a new men’s fragrance called Eros, named after the Greek god of love. Eros, the son of the goddess Aphrodite, is the god of love and passionate desire. The new fragrance is intended to channel this unbridled desire. The top notes of the fragrance are woody and citrus, and the scent evokes a feeling of passion.

The bottle of the Versace Eros perfume is turquoise and features the head of the mythical Medusa. The fragrance is available in 50 and 100-ml sizes. The advertising campaign features hot US model Brian Schimansky as the face of the fragrance. It was shot by the high-profile photo-shooting duo Mert & Marcus and directed by Donatella Versace.

It is an all-season fragrance

Versace Eros is a fragrance that was released at the 2012 Cannes TFWA and is reminiscent of the scent of the Greek God of love, Eros. The fragrance was created by perfumer Aurelien Guichard and borrows elements from several different families of olfaction. It opens with hints of Italian lemon, mint, and fresh green apples. Eros has an ambroxan base and a woody and citrus heart. It also has a musky undertone.

Versace Eros is a woody, spicy fragrance that exudes sophistication and luxury. Its ingredients include cedarwood and juniper. The combination of these two notes creates an iconic scent.

It is short-lived

Versace Eros is a popular scent that is more popular among women in their 20s and early thirties. This fragrance is short-lived but has a strong base with a variety of accords and notes. It is a versatile scent, suitable for any occasion.

It has a strong base

Eros is a masculine fragrance that features a strong base and a citrusy, minty top note. The nose behind this Greek God creation is Aurelien Guichard, who aimed for a fresh, oriental fragrance that would be versatile enough to be worn both by men and women. The scent has notes of lemon and mint with a tonka bean heart. It also has a base of oak moss and cedar. The scent lasts for a long time, making it a great choice for men looking for a masculine fragrance with a masculine scent.

Versace Eros is a popular perfume that has undergone several reformulations over the years. It was a hit with younger men and women alike, and it remains popular with many older men and women. It performs admirably throughout the year and is well-suited to all seasons, with its characteristically aromatic, gourmand, and oriental notes working well in the spring, autumn, and winter months. The perfume is also able to be lighter in the summer, with its aquatic-like base.

It is sexy

Versace Eros is the perfect sexy scent for a night on the town. This fragrance is a versatile choice that is perfect for all seasons. Its citrus-based, minty aroma makes it a perfect choice for cooler days. The fragrance also has an exuberant, young vibe. However, this scent may not be the best choice for the office or gym.

The scent opens with a citrusy Italian lemon. It is then joined by green apples and mint leaves. The scent is bold and masculine, but not overbearing.

It is masculine

If you’re looking for a scent that evokes the Greek god of love, look no further than Versace’s Eros Parfum. Inspired by Greek mythology, this masculine fragrance opens with a citrus mandarin top note, followed by black pepper and lemon middle notes and a woody base note. Made without animal ingredients, it has a clean and fresh scent that captivates the senses.

Versace Versace Eros Perfume Review

Versace’s latest men’s fragrance is named after the Greek god of love, Eros. The perfume is a fresh and woody fragrance with hints of mint, lemon, green apple, and geranium in its top notes. The base notes are composed of vetiver, oakmoss, and vanilla. The bottle is adorned with the head of Medusa, a symbol of the goddess of love.

Versace has a history of creating masculine fragrances, and the Eros men’s scent is no exception. Inspired by Greek mythology, this scent is a powerful and passionate creation for both men and women. It exudes a sexy, masculine aura that evokes passion and unbridled desire.

It is a citrus aromatic fragrance

Versace Eros is a citrus aromatic fragrance for men created by the nose of Aurelien Guichard. This fragrance is a hybrid of citrus, woody, and oriental notes. It features a base of green apple, Italian lemon, and mint, along with tonka bean and geranium flowers. It is paraben-free and available in both women’s and men’s versions.

The first note in Vercae Eros is Minty Freshness, which is an excellent start. Then, you’ll find a blend of Vetiver, Geranium, and lemon zest, which give it an extremely refreshing aroma. These aromatic herbs impart a long-lasting scent.

It has a dark, forest depth

The nose behind this Greek God masterpiece is Aurelian Guichard. The scent opens with the sharpness of lemon and mint but soon transforms into a more calming elixir, combining the herbaceous flavor of geranium with the musky aroma of ambroxan. This is complemented by the deep, woody notes of cedar and vanilla.

A fragrance’s ability to elicit a lasting impression depends on its base notes. This perfume is paraben-free, so it will not cause any ill effects on your skin or clothes. Moreover, the scent is available for both men and women.

It is suitable for warmer times of the year

Versace Eros is a fragrance with an unusual combination of citrus, woody, and oriental notes. It was developed by Aurelien Guichard, a French perfumer renowned for his work on Gucci Pour Homme and Azzaro Aqua Verde. Fresh amber resins are the foundation of the perfume, which is top off with a woody, tonka bean heart, and citrusy aromatic head. The fragrance describes as an exotic interpretation of the classic Aromatic Fougere. It opens with notes of mint, green apple, and lemon, while a hint of geranium and tonka bean make up the heart.

The fruity, citrusy scent of Versace Eros is very refreshing and works particularly well in warmer seasons. It is a green apple, mint, and lemon bomb that’s refreshing to the skin and can be equally effective for both younger and older men. Its dry down is reminiscent of the woman’s own perfume and is suitable for warmer times of the year.

It is available in an Eau de Toilette

Versace Eros is the signature scent of Versace and is available in both Eau de Toilette and Parfum. Its designs to add a spark to a flamboyant man’s lifestyle. It is present in a turquoise bottle and has a scent of citrus and mint leaves that gives it a masculine aura. This scent has a masculine scent and is very powerful and intense.

The nose behind Vercae Eros is Aurelian Guichard. The fragrance’s citrus-like scent starts out fresh and clean with the geranium flower and mint. As it dries, the citrus becomes sweeter and leaves a lasting impression. It can linger on the skin for about 12 hours, and it can linger on clothing for several days.

It is available in a spray

Versace Eros by Versace is a sensual, woody, and spicy fragrance. It is a masculine fragrance that will attract compliments and attract attention. The scent is available in a spray, cologne, and candle form. The scent combines green apple, mint oil, Italian lemon, and tonka bean. It also has high longevity and sillage.

Versace Eros by Versace was developed by perfumer Aurelien Guichard. Created to complement Versace’s image of elegance. They come in a gold-and-blue geometric bottle with an etched Medusa head and Greca detailing.

Lasts for two hours

Versace Eros is a light, playful scent with sweet vanilla and mint notes. The scent lasts for around two hours. It is very pleasant and suitable for any occasion. This fragrance is especially popular with the 20 to 29-year-old demographic. It is also a great choice for a night out or date night.

The fragrance is based on a Greek myth and created by perfumer Aurelian Guichard. It combines the freshness of mint with the cleanness of lemon. At first, it’s rather flat to the skin, but as it dries down it becomes sweeter and more recognizable.

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