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Versace Crystal Noir Perfume

Versace Crystal Noir Perfume Fragrance Review

Crystal Noir Perfume is a sensual feminine fragrance from Versace. This perfume is made with peony, gardenia, orange blossom, amber, and sandalwood. Gives women a sense of elegant elegance and femininity.

Versace’s Crystal Noir

Versace’s Crystal Noir perfume is a floral and sensual fragrance. Launch in 2004 and was create with women in mind. The fragrance features Gardenia, Peony, Amber, Sandalwood and Orange Blossom. Women wearing this perfume will feel sophisticate and refine. Read on to learn more about Versace’s Crystal Noir.

The Versace Crystal Noir fragrance is an oriental floral scent for women. Noir Perfume was create by perfumer Antoine Lie. It features a blend of gardenia, ginger, cardamom, orange blossom, peony and sandalwood. This is develope with women in mind and has a sophisticated, modern feel.

The packaging of Versace’s Crystal Noir is striking. Its bulbous diamond cap and Versace logo adorn its glass bottle. The fragrance is available in two sizes – a 50-ml bottle and a 125-ml travel size. Sold for about 50 Euros for 90 ml.

Its unique blend of scents

Crystal Noir Perfume is the perfect fragrance for a sophisticated woman. Made from a blend of spicy and sweet scents. It has a musky, spicy top note, with hints of ginger, cardamom, and spicy pepper. Followed by a blend of floral and sweet middle notes, and ends with a rich, woody base.

The Versace Crystal Noir perfume opens with a spicy, peppery scent that quickly morphs into a more floral bouquet. Made from amber and musk. Modern and sophisticated scent is perfect for a sophisticated woman.

The blend of fragrances in Crystal Noir create an exotic gourmand floral. Soapy feel and is layer with strong spices. A touch of cardamom adds warmth and the scent hugs coconut. This is not the beachy kind a fleshy variety.

Its final note of creamy musk

Versace Crystal Noir Perfume is a floral oriental scent with a definite feminine aura. Its main notes include gardenia, sandalwood, and amber. A touch of coconut lends a creamy flavor to the blend. The fragrance lasts for long hours. Great scent for fall.

Created by Antoine Lie in 2004. Available in a beautiful bottle that features a diamond-shaped cap emblazoned with Versace’s logo. The bottle is a deep plum shade that looks remarkably similar to the scent inside.

The fragrance’s aroma is rich and complex. The top notes are earthy amber, with floral undertones of orange blossom, peony, and coconut. The middle notes are a blend of spices, including ginger and cardamom. The base notes consist of musk and sandalwood, along with warm amber. The fragrance has a heavy sillage, ranging from four to seven hours.

Versace Crystal Noir is one of the best long-lasting women’s perfumes on the market. It is the second most popular Versace fragrance after Obsession. Perfumes are consider to be feminine, with floral notes dominating the top. This fragrance is too floral, if you are looking for a feminine fragrance.

Its ease of wear

The scent of Versace Crystal Noir Perfume is elegant and feminine, and it’s easy to wear all day. Originally introduced in 2004, this scent is an expression of Gianni Versace’s extravagant and glamorous lifestyle. The perfume has a deep purple bottle and a princess-cut cap that adds to its appeal. It’s a sophisticated scent that will have women and men asking you what you’re wearing.

Versace Crystal Noir is a beautiful scent, and the packaging is reminiscent of Versace’s style. Its glass bottle is transparent and features a diamond-capped cap with a Versace logo. Warm and inviting blend the works well warmer months.

A gourmand floral, Crystal Noir’s main notes are coconut and white flower. The floral bouquet, white flower notes are juicy and green. The base note, sandalwood, adds milky sub-tones to the coconut note. Calms the white flower notes.

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Woody Noir Perfume fragrance that was introduce in 2016. Fig top notes that are follow by woody violet leaf and spicy black pepper. After the top notes, the fragrance is more complex with woody and floral middle notes.
combines fruity aquatics with a dark undertone of patchouli and incense

This citrusy, masculine scent combines citrus and aquatic notes with black pepper, incense, and wood. The lingering scent lasts all day and night. The fresh aquatic scent is a fresh take on the classic masculine scent.

Fragrance is inspire by the fresh sea. It opens with notes of green tangerine, jasmine petal, and crisp rock rose. The fruity aquatic notes blend with aromatics like rosemary and Indonesian patchouli. This fragrance is perfect for spring, with a cool, refreshing scent. Still rich and sophisticate.

Released in 2016 and promises lasting freshness. Its fruity aquatics, spice, and earthy undertone of patchouli and incense give this scent a fresh, energizing scent. Bottle is design in the shape of an amphora, which evokes its Greek heritage. The bottle has a golden neck and is available in 30, 50, and 100 ml sizes.

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